Feature Request
New Request
When opening app, go to the last used channel
Please add an option to go to the last used channel when opening the app, so that push notifications will open something useful rather than a blank server tab.
Developer Response
This was discussed in our IRC channel. This will be implemented but also going to the correct channel from a ZNC push, as long as the network name on ZNC matches the network name on Igloo.
Auto iCloud Sync Settings
Provide the ability to automatically sync settings across devices via iCloud. You can make this optional, per device, in case someone wants to not use it on a specific device, or not at all. This would be exponentially better than manually backing up and restoring.
Developer Response
This is one of those features that's good in theory but bad in practice most of the time. A lot can go wrong like using 2+ devices at the same time etc. This is still planned though, but will definitely be opt-in.
Colors in JOIN/PART
It would be very useful to put colors on the JOIN/PART lines (Even maybe add an arrow-in / arrow-out icon. This way would be easier to track users on a channel
Developer Response
Forgot versions 1 and 2 had this, this will be implemented in the next update.
TAB to find users
I know this is an implemented functionality, but I would like to be pushed further. When you press TAB after typing two words, it appears the first nick in the list. My request is to cycle among all users matching the two letters at each TAB pressing
tjr as king
Yes, hello I request that you make tjr king
Custom Slap
Add the ability to customize the SLAP action similar to customizing the kick reason.
Save Downloads to iCloud
Please consider providing the option to save downloads to iCloud, such as iCloud/ -> Igloo -> Downloads This would make using Igloo on Mac and iOs more seamless.
Developer Response
This is something that v2 had that everybody seemed to complain about, every day someone would email or come into the IRC channel asking where downloads are and how to disable syncing to iCloud etc. This will still be coming soon as an option though.
Downloads management
Currently, when clearing Downloads it deletes them from Files as well. Could you add option to just clear from the list, but not to delete from Files physically, please?
Developer Response
Sounds logical, will add shortly.
soju.im support
soju.im is a new-generation bouncer, with some interesting bouncer-related commands that allows for e.g. connecting to all the bounced servers in a single login. Would be sweet to see it being supported in Igloo!
Developer Response
Any commands that aren't handled by Igloo are sent to the server to be handled. Igloo shouldn't need any update to handle any commands that are soju specific. You should come to our IRC channel to discuss this further.
Personal pronoun append
frequently get ptsd when misgendered, everytime i type want pronouns stated as not enough room in nick
Auto-close download window (toggle).
Allow user to select the option to automatically close the downloads window when download is complete.
Make it faster, maybe as fast as the classic app.
It's very slow to load the app and the backlog on an iPhone 13 mini.
Developer Response
Slow startup is likely caused by setting your saved message limit too high based on how many channels you're in. The old version of Igloo would only save 100 per channel, new one you can choose but you have to consider channels * limit = X and if X is more than 10,000 or so, it's going to be slow because the phone storage is slow.
Files, data, pic uploads
I get a request to sign into arxius.io for uploading. Last I heard arxius was taken down…Easier way?
Developer Response
Yes, Arxius is gone, but you can switch Igloo to use Imgur in settings, or even a custom uploader if you want.
Please restore the option to disable the “slap” action. It’s such an outdated idea and creates issues when accidentally pushed. This was an on/off option that I was able to successfully request in the previous version. Thanks!
Developer Response
If slapping someone with a large trout causes issues, you might need new friends.
Expanded media embed/thumbnail
Expected behaviour: A url containing rich media such as a series of moving images (motion picture) is converted into an embedded miniature ‘thumbnail’ or larger interactive representation within the app Actual result: https://youtube.com/video